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New Company code | Part 2: The Private Limited Liability Company

— Updates | Other — 2 minutes read

[negociations-spread.jpg] As you know, on May 1, 2019 a new Code of Companies and Associations came into force bringing many changes for companies. One of the peculiarities of this new legal instrument is the reduction in the number of corporate forms with the view to simplifying the choice of legal status for the entrepreneur... read more

New company code | Introduction

— Updates | Other — 2 minutes read

[computer-spread.jpg] On 28 February, a new bill was passed by the Parliament with the aim of modernising the Belgian law of companies and associations. This bill came into force on May 1 under the name of the Code of Companies and Associations... read more

Second Round Financing

— Other | Investment tips — 4 minutes read

[meeting-spread.jpg] This week we sat down with Eline Murat, our Legal Officer to take a look at “second round financing” and what it actually entails for investors and entrepreneurs. Some of you might wonder why we decided to focus our attention this week on the second and not the first round... read more

CRUSO | Fundraising Testimonials

— Startup successes | Updates — 3 minutes read

[cruso-spread.jpg] What is CRUSO? Cruso is a Belgian brand with the ambition to represent Belgian furniture design with a high level of quality. The materials used are mostly natural and of selected local origin : 100% made in EU. Thereby improving the durability, long term value and circular value of all our products... read more

Spreds | Corporate Venturing

— Startup successes | Other — 1 minute read

[corporate-venturing.jpg] Spreds is offering you the opportunity to easily navigate the Corporate Venturing world by entering its unique programme and accessing interesting young companies... read more

Spreds | Net Asset Value and Internal Rate of Return

— Other — 1 minute read

[graph-spread.jpg] Interested in finding out the Net Asset Value (NAV) of our portfolio and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) an investor would benefit from if he/she would have invested in every single campaign? Discover our calculations below... read more

Fundraising testimonials | FullUp

— Startup successes — 1 minute read

[fullup-spread.jpg] Catherine de Viron, CEO of the company Fullup gave us a few minutes of her time to share some feedback on her experience with our platform. After having raised €68.700 in less than 3 weeks, Catherine will remember only positive elements from this adventure “what a great experience! The follow-up and support we had from Spreds was really excellent... read more

Spreds' selection process

— Other — 2 minutes read

[black-spread.jpg] One of Spreds' greatest strengths is its selection criteria. Discover below the three layers of our selection process and why they make our platform so unique. 1. The Algorithm To be able to raise funds on our platform, each company has to fill out an application on our website to see whether or not they are potentially eligible for a campaign... read more